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Thursday, November 3, 2011


Natural Wild Life | Puma | Puma is simply another name for a cougar and therefore one of the largest and ruthless members of the cat family in the world. The puma is native to the Americas and can be found from Western Canada, to the Andes mountain range in South America and all along the west coast of North America.

The puma is a solitary mammal and will compete for prey with larger predators such as wolf packs and bears. The puma hunts deer, elk, beavers and other large mammals and the occasional bird. Pumas tend to be tan or brown in colour and their size is often dependent on the area in which they live. 

Those pumas found in Canada and North America are generally slightly larger and have thicker fur than the pumas found in South America, as the uncompromising winters mean that the northern puma must have more defense against the cold. Pumas are highly territorial and tend to be found in mountain ranges and in some areas where there is dense, undisturbed forest. The puma population day is declining mainly due to habitat loss.


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  2. Thanks for sharing wonderful information. As Puma i know, its a big company. I hardly know about Puma as an animal until these post I have read.Ya pics are good too. Thanks for sharing information like these.